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Laboratory Labels

Label performance improves lab accuracy.

Dasco supplies Brady high-performance labels which are lab tested to resist solvents, endure extreme temperatures, and autoclave conditions without smearing, fading, or falling off. Dasco stocks lab labels which are sized to fit your microscope slides, cryovials, vial-tops, centrifuge, straws, and well plates.

Choose from Brady StainerBondz labels (B-481 and B-482) which withstand extreme chemical exposure to xylene and other slide staining process chemicals; Brady FreezerBondz labels (B-490 and B-492) which adhere to frozen surfaces and endure cold temperatures; tamper indicating labels (B-351) which fracture easily when picked; and affordable self laminating lab labels (B-461) which protect your legends from harsh chemicals, water and oil when wrapped.

Dasco supplies Brady lab labels for your desktop and tabletop thermal transfer printers and Brady portable printers:

Improve your lab accuracy using resilient, high-performance labels which cling to your specimen containers through changing lab conditions and remain legible and scannable every time.


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Laboratory Labels