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Laboratory Labels

Label performance improves lab accuracy.

Improve your lab accuracy by printing barcoded thermal transfer microscope slide labels, cryogenic labels, vial tube & vial top labels, and vial-top labels which cling to your specimen containers through changing lab conditions for reliable traceability through the protocol process. Labels are lab-tested to resist solvents, endure extreme temperatures, and autoclave conditions without smearing, fading, or falling off.

Choose from Duraslide superior chemical-resistant microscope slide label/ribbon kits that withstand abrasion and exposure to acetone, ethanol, toluene, isopropanol, and xylene; Brady StainerBondz super chemical-resistant slide labels (B-481) that withstand exposure to hematoxylin and xylene used in the eosin slide staining process when printed with Brady R6400 series ribbon; and Brady FreezerBondz cryogenic labels (B-490 and B-492) which adhere to frosted and frozen surfaces and endure extreme cold temperatures when printed with Brady R6400 or R4300 series ribbon.

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Laboratory Labels