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Learn how other hospitals have implemented barcode labeling solutions to improve their operation, increase patient safety, and automate processes.

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Hospital Admissions Labeling

Patient safety begins with reliable patient identification

Implementing an efficient patient ID wristband system is a critical first step in automating your admissions department and increasing patient safety. Scannable barcode patient ID wristbands help to ensure that the right patient gets the right medication at the right time with the right dose during the right route.

Dasco's product solutions include patient ID wristband printers, long-lasting wristband labels that your admissions department can produce in minutes. Just load the wristband cassette, enter the information, print and apply.

Dasco's wristband solutions produce easy-to-read text and scannable barcodes for long-lasting wear. Adult and child-size wristband cartridges make change-out easy without waste. Dasco offers 1D and 2D barcode scanners and imagers that collect data reliably and easily.

Dasco's barcode systems integrate into major AIS software systems. They meet the Joint Commission and World Healthcare Organization requirements for improving accuracy of patient identification and meet HIPAA requirements for protecting patient privacy. Dasco's barcode systems meet AHA standards by reducing the risk of lost or transferred data.

From label printers and barcode scanners, to long-lasting patient ID wristbands, to software integration programming, to Dasco's MiSim plug-and-print solution, your hospital admissions department will be up and running fast!

For expert service and support, call a Dasco healthcare representative toll-free at 1-877-855-2235, and we will help you find the best money-saving solution for your application.