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Affordable lab label printer: Brady BMP21-LAB Call for your free lab label sample kit: 1-877-855-2235 Dasco barcode labels reduce errors caused by misread handwriting and miskeyed data Lab-tested barcode labels endure specimen protocol and won’t smear, fade or fall off Barcode lab labels eliminate errors caused by misread handwriting and smearing ink

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Time-saving solutions for nurses, phlebotomists and hospital laboratories.

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Laboratory Labels

Dasco supplies lab-tested labels which endure harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and changing lab conditions without smearing, fading or falling off and are sized to fit your slides, vials and tubes.

» Microscope Slide Labels

» Cryogenic Labels

» Freezer Labels

» Vial Top Labels

» Vial Tube & Top Labels

» Centrifuge Labels

» Tamper-Evident Labels

» General Lab Labels


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Dasco offers stock and custom labels, and our service bureau handles serialization and barcoding services.

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Barcode Scanners

Verify or capture data accurately and instantly.

» Barcode Comparator Systems

» Code Readers

» Intermec Scanners


Label Printers

Portable, desktop and industrial label printers for high-performance labeling.

» Brady BMP21-LAB Printer

» Brady BBP33 Label Printer

» Brady IP Label Printer

» Intermec PD42 Printer

» Zebra Patient Wristband Printer

» Zebra Desktop Printers



Hospital Laboratory ID

Sleeve printers, wire label printers, wire label stock, heat shrink tubing, cable markers Microscope Slide Labels Freezer Labels Portable Lab Label Printer Centrifuge Labels Cryogenic Lables


Are your labels lab-tested to endure specimen protocol?

Label performance improves lab accuracy.

Improve your lab accuracy by printing barcoded thermal transfer microscope slide labels, cryogenic labels, and vial-top labels which cling to your specimen containers through changing lab conditions for reliable traceability through the protocol process. Dasco supplies labels which are lab-tested to resist solvents, endure extreme temperatures, and autoclave conditions without smearing, fading, or falling off.

Microscope slide labels won’t smear, fade, discolor, buckle or fall off your specimens even when submerged in harsh solvent for several minutes. Your barcodes will retain legibility and scanability every time. Reliable barcode slide labeling allows you to maintain the traceability of your specimens and preserve their identity for as long as needed.

Dasco also supplies Brady cryogenic labels which stick to frosted and frozen surfaces. Brady FreezerBondz labels endure liquid nitrogen, autoclave, freezer, and hot water bath applications without smearing, fading or falling off of your cryovials.

Count on high-performance barcode lab labels to last through changing lab conditions, chain of custody transfers, and tracking. Labels are sized to fit your microscope slides, cryovials and centrifuge vials and adhere securely for decades during long-term storage.

FREE lab label sample kit!

Call Dasco toll-free at 1-877-855-2235, and ask for your free lab label sample kit. See how Dasco lab-tested labels perform in your laboratory application.


Improve your lab accuracy with a Dasco on-demand label printing system.

Accuracy is critical for the hospital lab in tracking specimens to ensure that they are associated with the right patient. Why trust your lab specimens to labels that smear or fade during the protocol process or fall off through chain of custody transfers or during long-term storage? Labels that smear or fade are hard to read and scan which lead to errors, and labels that fall off specimens need to be relabeled. Or worse, you’ll need to redraw specimens and start the protocol process over again—that costs time and money, while anxious patients wait longer for lab results. Legible and long-lasting specimen identification is essential to ensure data integrity for your hospital lab. For the nursing staff, it frees up their time to spend doing what they love most—caring for their patients!

A well-designed on-demand specimen identification system reduces errors and improves patient safety. By integrating barcode label software, a portable thermal label printer, a barcode scanner, high-performance labels and printer ribbon, you'll eliminate misread handwriting, miskeyed data, and labels that smear, fade and fall off through protocol and chain of custody transfers. High performance labels matched with the right printer ribbon will ensure that your data will remain legible and scanable every time, and your labels will adhere to your specimens through changing lab conditions and long-term storage without falling off.

Dasco offers you the latest innovations for lab identification and tracking, as well as best practices for labeling, lab efficiency, and compliance. Choose from a wide range of barcode scanners and data collection solutions, label design software, printable label stock and ribbons, and a selection of industrial thermal transfer barcode label printers to portable Brady BMP21-LAB label makers as affordable as $99.

Call Dasco toll-free at 1-877-855-2235, and we will get your specimen identification system online in less time and for less cost.

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