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Implement Dasco's barcode labeling solutions to increase patient safety, improve efficiency, and automate processes

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White Papers

Learn how other hospitals have implemented barcode labeling solutions to improve their operation, increase patient safety, and automate processes.

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Hospital Pharmacies

Reduce medication errors with barcode technology

An effective method to prevent medication errors is by implementing a barcode system to identify medications at the unit-dose level for dispensing and administration. This use of barcoding will set a strong foundation for patient safety in your hospital pharmacy.

Hospital pharmacy barcode label printing allows you to expedite medication check-out, more accurately track your inventory, and create unit-dose labels on medications that can then be tracked at the patient bedside. Dasco's pharmacy labels include variable data at the unit-dose level to ensure that the right medication is administered at the right dosage to the right patient at the right time.

Dasco offers a wide selection of thermal transfer printers, long-lasting labels, 1D and 2D barcode scanners, and software. Our identification systems can be made to stand alone or interface with your pharmacy information system.

Dasco's accurate labeling and barcode solutions will help enhance your hospital prescription processing and help protect your patients' privacy. Let Dasco upgrade your hospital pharmacy labeling system to meet current standards with little to no changes in your software. Plus, you'll find that our thermal transfer printing systems will reduce your operating cost and improve efficiency over laser printing systems.

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