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MiSim Intelligent Printing Solutions

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Intelligent Printing Solutions

A critical link that pulls your system together

Dasco offers a variety of standard software packages and custom design experience to bring together a complete solution that easily interfaces with your IS system. If you are looking to replace laser printers or legacy printers in your facility Dasco has your solution. Our specialty software includes printer simulation software and allows you to reformat your labels and include barcodes.

NiceLabel Print Center
A client-based enterprise-level labeling solutions with centralized control over all NiceLabel clients in a network environment. You initiate wristband, chart labels and admittance for design and printing on different local computer workstations and manage them from a centralized location.

MiSim Downtime Label Generation Applications
Dasco develops downtime label generation applications to fit your needs. The applications connect to your printer via a serial port so you can print labels even if your network is down. The applications can output to IPL, Genicom and MiSim MLPS. We can add other printers on request. Our Phelebotomy downtime application can learn your test codes, tube quantities and colors and automatically fill in these fields the next time you enter a learned test code.

Printer Simulators
Dasco's printer simulator software enables you to replace obsolete legacy printers with Intermec tag and label printers without changes to your host system. These simulators can be enhanced to add functionality to legacy printing systems. Some examples of simulators we have developed are Execuport, Eltron, Datamax, SOBAR, Genicom, PCL, and ETIMark. MiSim® Genicom printer simulators are popular with Sunquest Lab customers and often add bar codes to label areas not possible with Genicom dot-matrix printers.

MiSim SIV and MiSim AIV Smart IV Printing Systems
MiSim Smart IV printing systems are enhanced printer simulators tailored to customer host pharmacy information systems that produce 2D symbols for programming "smart" infusion pumps equipped with a bar code(imager). MiSim AIV produces Alaris format symbols and MiSim SIV produces HIBCC symbols.

MiSim MLPS is a MiSys Label Printing System compatible printer language implemented via software on Intermec programmable printers. Through the use of specially formatted text objects, customers can take advantage of additional formatting capabilities not available in the Sunquest (MiSys) label designer. Template Triggers are software modules that further enhance the capabilities of the system. These are invoked through directives in the print data and are utilized to selectively reformat data, produce 2D Smart IV symbols and for many other custom tasks. MiSim MLPS is also supported on Omnicell Phrmacy Central and is easily implemented on customer developed systems.

Pharmacy Systems
By implementing SMART IV solutions from Dasco, you'll begin to see immediate reductions in medication errors. SMART IV automates your printing systems with “plug and print” technology to reduce errors and improve efficiency. Replace your outdated printers with fast and quiet patient wristband printers which use long-lasting labels.

Dasco integrates MiSim® intelligent printing and SmartIV software with Intermec printers to provide a complete solution for your pharmacy labeling. You'll receive efficient and leading-edge label printing to replace out-dated impact printer technology while improving your label and barcode quality.

Call a knowledgeable Dasco representative toll-free at 1-877-855-2235 for professional service and support.